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Differences between Leaseline and MPLS
MPLS and leased lines both provide quality, secure and private high speed connections to large, multi-site businesses. When choosing one or the other it will depend largely on the size of your business, number of sites and individual requirements.

Although both MPLS and leased lines offer WAN connectivity they are fundamentally different. MPLS is implemented as a full mesh (multi-point), whereas a leased line establishes a connection between two points (P2P).

High speed and reliability are becoming increasingly important in workplace connectivity, as such both leased lines and MPLS offer a 24/7 connected secure link between multiple locations.

Leased lines
A leased line is a dedicated, high speed connection built across two sites. Leased lines are totally uncongested which means that you do not share the line with anyone else and you’ll get the same speed in both directions. Leased Lines are available over copper (EFM) or fibre (Ethernet) with bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps.

Although more expensive than broadband, leased lines are faster, more secure and are supported by a comprehensive SLAs. A leased line can carry data or voice or both.

They are an ideal solution for your business if you:

  •     have several offices or buildings spread across a local area
  •     require guaranteed internet bandwidth
  •     need to transfer large quantities of data quickly and reliably between sites

MPLS is becoming the de facto connectivity solution for large corporates. It is an enhanced system that brings together the latest generation of voice, internet, cloud access and multi-site WAN in one network. It is used to privately link multiple locations spanning counties and even continents.

With managed MPLS your MPLS provider takes care of the WAN, voice and internet services for you, all the way up to your LAN, ensuring maximum up-time and supreme network performance, including a managed router at your premises.

An MPLS network is very scalable and cost effective offering Quality of Service (QoS), scalability and the prioritisation of traffic.

MPLS is an ideal solution for your business if you:
  •     Are a big business with a requirement for your own secure and private network
  •     Have three of more sites spread across a large area
  •     Are a fast growing business with a need to support numerous new sites as and when they appear
Leased Lines Vs MPLS?
Although most leased line services and MPLS networks differ between service provider, we have provided the table below of what you can usually expect with MPLS or leased line solutions.

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